Baby Crazy: The Podcast for Parents Over 40

Baby Crazy: The Podcast for Parents Over 40

Whether you're a first-time parent or a pro, having a baby when you're in your 40s is way different from when you were younger. Conversations, advice, and tips from experts about being a parent.

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    Episode 10 - Elaine Barrington - First-Time Moms Over 40

    Psychotherapist Elaine Barrington runs two therapy groups for moms over forty who are dealing with leaving work, or changing work or making life changes when becoming a mother to kids for the first time. I talk with Elaine about how younger mothers and older mothers have different ideas about their identity, how there is no blueprint to parenting, and how it’s really your being as a parent — who you are — that’s what makes the difference to your kids.

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    Episode 9 - Paternity Leave Pioneer - Jerry Cammarata

    Jerry Cammarata was the first male teacher in the history of the New York City Board of Education to be granted paternity leave. I talk with Jerry about why he did it, what he learned, and what other men can get out of gaining more valuable time with their infant children.

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    Episode 8 - Work, Life, and Balance - Priya Rajendran

    Priya Rajendran is a mom, a software engineer, and technology veteran, who lead the team that built the Wallet that now powers all of PayPal’s Mobile apps. She is the founder of S’moresUp which helps manage your family life right from your mobile phone, helping with kids' chores and schedules. Priya and I talk about work-life balance, why when mom is happy, everyone’s happy, and how to make the 24/7 schedule of a startup work when you are a parent.

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    Episode 7 - What You Learn After You Know it All - Rob Jacobs

    In this episode, I’m chatting with my good friend Rob Jacobs. We've been dads for a while and as you'd expect, just when you think you know it all there is more to learn. Rob quoted John Wooden, the legendary coach, in our interview: It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. We reveal the real story of parenting young children after you are forty (and older!) and discuss the value of wisdom and getting rid of the baggage experience can bring. Rob is also going to tell you about UnSit, his company designed to get you up and moving at work. And we’re going to talk about being parents who have been at this parenting thing for a few decades.

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    Episode 6 - Raising Activist Kids - Trina Greene Brown

    How can parents raise activist kids -- kids who are aware of race and social justice? Trina Greene Brown joins Lee Schneider to talk about how to help your kids see the value in activism, how to talk to your kids about social justice, and how to discuss race differences.

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    Episode 5 - Sam Lamott - Redefining Dad

    This episode of Baby Crazy is a free-range conversation between Lee Schneider and Sam Lamott. It begins with a discussion of art and failure, and soon zeroes in on how fathers are imperfect but vital role models.

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    Episode 2 - Jennifer Walker - Moms on Call

    Jennifer Walker and Laura Hunter were on-call nurses for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta. They realized parents needed help with their questions and they needed fast answers. That was the beginning of Moms on Call.

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    Episode 1 - Sean Grover - When Kids Call the Shots

    Sean Grover is a psychotherapist, speaker, and author with 25 years of experience working with adults and children. When I read his book, When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control From Your Darling Bully — and Enjoy Being a Parent Again, I knew right away I had to invite him to the podcast.

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